Power Factor Correction Systems

To achieve a 'clean' network, Europower Enerji offers HV, MV and LV power factor correction systems, panels, capacitor banks and racks, all delivered to the customer as fully assembled systems; all wired, tested and ready to install on site.

Power quality problems cause serious adverse effects on the grid and can result in equipment damage, unwanted trips, system losses, communication problems and power failures. Improving the performance, quality and efficiency of an electrical network with power factor correction systems extends the service life of the system components, by generally reducing the risk of errors to obtain efficiency, sustainability and reliability in a network.

EuroComp range of products are specifically tailored to the needs of each customer and project. With a flexible and wide range of different configurations and features, EuroComp products are suitable for all energy applications and environments.

Europower Enerji also offers stationary and mobile type Static VAr Compensator (SVC), Static Compensator (STATCOM), Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) and Thyristor Switched Reactors (TSR) based power factor correction systems.

Europower Enerji power factor correction systems are type-tested internationally for several different models.

PFC Systems