EuroClad switchgear panels provide the safest, most efficient and reliable substation solutions for all kinds of medium voltage installations in distribution, transmission and generation Networks, like industrial zones, electrical utilities, infrastructures and residential networks. It is the leading product in Europower Enerji medium voltage switching product range.

EuroClad switchgear panels have many advantages over similar products available, and these features has made Euroclad one of the top products on the international medium voltage switchgear market. Its three models with different dimensions and voltage levels provide effective solutions for all global requirements.

EuroClad switchgear panels are manufactured in compliance with IEC 62271-200, and typetested in international laboratories.

EuroClad can be used with both SF6 or vacuum circuit breakers. Its unique design allows the customer to use special configurations with components like surge arresters, CTs, PTs, capacitors, contactors and many others. With the compartmented structure of metal clad switchgear, in an event of failure the fault is confined within a certain compartment, which leads to minimum possible maintenance durations and shortest power outages.

EuroClad switchgear panels are manufactured using the components selected from the brands of the customers choice, and a tailormade solution is offered to the customer according to the requirements of the project and the specifications.

EuroClad switchgear panels can also be used next to the existing switchgear from other manufacturers with the busbar adaptation kit specially designed and produced in Europower Enerji.