Euro36 and Euro24 are the metal-enclosed air-insulated modular switchboard panels. Designed for high operational reliability and personal safety, they protect your installations and ensure the continuity of your electrical supply.

This range of switchgear offers standardized modular units with load break switches, disconnectors, fuses, circuit breakers and contactors as switching apparatus in simple, easy-to-use, reliable, rugged and cost-effective packages.

Intelligent and simple design of these cubicles result in high production rates, short delivery times, and also easy maintenance and shorter downtimes.

Euro36 and Euro24 cubicles are specially designed and manufactured to provide a high level of protection in any event of internal arcing. All operations are carried out from the front side of the panel while the door is closed, and this provides safe working conditions for the operator. Also, the simple interlock mechanisms in the panels that are designed thinking the overall operational sequences create a fool-proof product for your distribution network.

In addition to the standard models, there are also versions of Euro36/24 that have withdrawable circuit breakers available, to offer a solution which fits in between EuroClad and Euro36/24, for optimized price, dimensions and performance.

Euro36 and Euro24 switchgear panels are manufactured in compliance with IEC 62271- 200 and type-tested in international laboratories.