EuroPanel is the low voltage switchboard product range of Europower, up to 6400A and 65kA. EuroPanel switchboards are available for all internal partitioning classes including 'Form 4b'. They are designed and built to offer you high quality cost-effective low voltage solutions, even in diverse enviromental conditions for either indoor or outdoor usage.

EuroPanel switchboards are built with components from requested brands to offer a tailor-made solution to the user, according to customer preferences and technical specifications.

Automated and standardized manufacturing processes with the latest technology machinery and well-trained manpower ensure the sustainability of the production quality.

EuroPanel switchboards has a wide variety of models for different applications, such as;

  • Low voltage modular distribution switchboards,
  • Low voltage withdrawable modular switchboards,
  • Field distribution switchboards,
  • Synchronization panels,
  • MCC panels.
  • EuroPanel switchboards are internationally type-tested for most types and built to achieve the highest quality and long asset life.