EuroControl is the low voltage switchboard product range for control, command, protection, automation, measuring and auxiliary distribution of substations.

This range of products include low voltage switchboard units for all medium-voltage, high-voltage or extra high-voltage substations, such as;

  • Command, control and protection switchboards,
  • SCADA and automation panels,
  • Marshalling boxes,
  • Synchronization and ATS panels,
  • Measuring panels,
  • Auxiliary service panels.
  • EuroControl switchboards are built with components from requested brands and models to offer a tailor-made solution to the user, according to customer preferences, project specifications, or technical requirements of pre-existing systems.

    Qualified engineers in our project design department evaluate the customer needs and technical requirements to offer the spot-on solution for the project.

    EuroControl switchboards are internationally type-tested for most types, and built to achieve the highest quality and long asset life.