Special Applications

In Europower, our main goal is to put our research and development capabilities into use for generating distinctive value through new, improved, customized solutions to our customers, even if their requests or project requirements are out of the standard manufacturing range of the industry.

With our solution-focused and skilled engineering team, we design and build customised compact substations and kiosks tailored for specific needs for our customers and find innovative ways to meet the technical requirements and desired quality level by costeffective means.

Some examples to our projects are;

  • Substations - AIS and GIS,
  • Overhead lines
  • Renewable power plants:
  • Hydroelectrical
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Thermal power plants
  • Combined natural gas cycle power plants
  • Airports
  • Railway electrification
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Residential and commercial complexes
  • Special Applications