Euro Mobil

For applications like supplying power during planned or emergency outages, integration of power generation, powering event organisations, temporary substation capacity increases and moving loads, EuroMobil is the perfect mobile substation solution. With the mobility, convenience and versatility of EuroMobil substations, you will have power whenever and wherever it is needed.

EuroMobil substations are available for all HV-HV, HV-MV, MV-MV and MV-LV applications, up to 420kV. They leave the factory fully assembled and operationally tested, ready to provide high quality and reliable energy supplies.

Different models like trailer and semi-trailer body types ensure a customized and flexible solution as well as easy mobility according to the requirement.

EuroMobil substations lower your overall costs with very little on-site work, short installation time, little space requirement, ease of installation and relocation.

EuroMobil substations are type-tested internationally for several different models.

Euro Mobil