Euro Bet

EuroBet range of kiosks consist of monoblock and prefabricated concrete kiosks as compact substation applications.

Monoblock concrete kiosks has ten different dimensions, lengths ranging from 2.48 to 7.50 meters. Prefabricated concrete kiosks are custom products, and are manufactured according to customer requirements and project specifications.

All EuroBet products are designed and manufactured with cost-effectiveness in mind. None of them need a special transportation method or permit and all dimensions fall within allowable ranges.

Also, they are lightweight compared to other concrete kiosks. These features lower the shipping costs, hence total project costs.

With its durable concrete structure, EuroBet products can be used in even the most extreme environmental conditions, with the help of wide selection of auxiliary equipment accessories.

EuroBet monoblock concrete kiosks are typetested internationally, and all EuroBet models are produced in compliance with the applicable specifications and standards.

Euro Bet